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"I've reduced my handicap by more than 30 strokes ! with Paradise Golf Schools.  When I had my first lesson, I was shooting in the mid 110's.  I'm shooting in mid to high 70's these days, thanks to Ray and his staff."

Dan Henszey

"Thanks to Paradise Golf Academy, my game is more consistent and competitive then ever before."

Patrick Tronnier

"Simple, reliable and powerful - that's the swing they teach.  Absolutely first class - you won't be disappointed."

Steve Stecher

"I never dreamed I could cut so many strokes from my game, and have so much fun at the same time."

Greg Lundstrom

"The instructors are patience, knowledgable and handsome."

Sarah Stecher

A max ratio of 3 students to 1 PGA instructor is designed to equip students with skills and practice techniques that promote a lifetime of lower scores and enjoyment of the game.
Strict 3 To 1 Student to Pro Ratio

More personal attention than any other golf school!

When choosing a golf school, class size should be the most important factor in making your decision. Our strict 3-to-1 ratio assures you the personalized attention you are looking for and deserve.

You will be grouped with students of your ability so the instructor will have the continuity so valuable for good teaching techniques.

Finally, only Certified Paradise Golf Academy instructors will teach your class.


Learn more about our on course instruction, teaching methods, area weather, and general area information.

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